Popular Skiing Resort


Bakuriani is a popular skiing resort in the Borjomi district of Georgia. It is located on the northern slope of the trialeti range, at on elevation of 1700 meters above sea level. The highest mountain of the resort used for skiing called Mount Kohta at around 2200 meters above sea level. Extensive sunshine, high mountainous climate, average snowfall, 12 ski tracks of different difficulties, spectacular views, the renowned Georgian cuisine, and family atmosphere – all of this makes the holiday spent here unforgettable.

Alongside the many operating hotels and services, a new youth entertainment center "Didveli", new ski tracks, cable-ways, service centers and dozens of new hotels are being built. The settlement is in constant preparation to offer best conditions to visitors. The Olympic Committee of Georgia has nominated the town of Borjomi (along with its main winter resort Bakuriani) as a candidate for hosting the 2018 Olympic Games. For sure, the Games will be held in Georgia, they think.

Vacationing in Bakuriani is rewarding and interesting during all seasons: wood-covered mountains, mineral water springs, unique tourist routes towards spectacular natural or cultural monuments of the Borjomi Valley. All of this is a guarantee of our health and good mood.

During the fall, the motorway towards Bakuriani is especially beautiful. It follows upwards forest-covered slopes. Against the verdure of coniferous forests, yellowish and reddish foliage of trees and thick bushes flesh out in thousand hues. And the caravans of mist turned into white ships incessantly float in the gorges and over slopes.

Leave everyday stress and concerns behind and come up to Bakuriani.
Ski season lasts till mid April. Then snow melts in the plains, while the mountains remain snow-covered.

In April and May, you could enjoy watching the mists sliding over the mountains and take a walk in the blossoming coniferous forests. In summer,  it’s pleasantly cool here during evenings and sometimes it’s even cold. And this happens while down in the flatlands people are disturbed of unbearable heat.

Go up onto Kokhtagora through cable-way. From a top Kokhta you will see the Caucasus Range stretched before your eyes. The festival of colors, the azure space, and the chain of mountains – from the black Sea to the Caspian – see this miracle of nature in a clear day.