Georgia is a country of mountains having height over 4000-5000m becomes an ideal place for climbers. The relatively easy ascent of Mountain called Kazbegi, the more challenging Mountain Ushba and many other mountains sites are offered to mountain-lovers. All climbs are accompanied by an experienced mountaineers team to ensure your safety.

For some mountaineers, especially for those who mostly climbed in the European Alps, the Caucasus is a safe haven to escape the overcrowded peaks in the Alps. The Caucasus is able to seduce mountaineers from all over the world by offering a vast variety of easy and also very difficult ascents up to Russian Grade 6A. Climbing in the Caucasus is a scenario you won’t find so often in the Alps. Climbing on a beautiful mountain wall and no other party in sight.

The mountain range is located within four countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia) that makes the Caucasus an international mountain range.

It is over 1100 km long and reaches from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea and is said to be one part of the border between Europe and Asia. The Caucasus has a great variety of flora and also fauna. Seventeen typs of mountain plants are only found in the Caucasus. Lucky mountaineers can still glimpse a look at a wild mountain bear. Basically geographers divide the Caucasus into "Greater Caucasus" and "Lesser (or Minor) Caucasus". The Greater Caucasus, as the name already suggests, is the major range which reaches from the Black to the Caspian sea. In some places it's over 160km broad and is divided into several minor mountain ranges.  The "high Alpine Caucasus", for mountaineers, is the most interesting part of the range is located south of the Black Sea Caucasus. With peaks like Elbrus, Shchara or Kazbek and many other peaks over 5000m the highest elevations are found here.