Diving – one of the most interesting types of tourism has rapidly developed in prominent maritime resort centres all over the world.

The visitors are enchanted by endless underwater caves, ancient city-sites or sunk ships. The latter have lured adventurers since time immemorial in hope of finding lost treasures.

The coastal waters of Georgian Black Sea Littoral are rich in diverse exotic landscapes, cays full of mollusks and water-plants, mystic sunk cities and ships. From the archaeological point of view the Black Sea is the second most interesting sea basin after the Mediterranean Sea. An ancient sunk city-site has been found 30 m deep in the sea near Bobokvati. It belongs to VII-VI cc. BC. At the end of 1990-es the fishermen’s net brought out undamaged amphoras which according to the specialists, must have belonged to an Antique ship.

In present-day Adjara a lot is done for the development of diving. The centre of underwater swimming is functioning in Chakvi while a modern diving-centre is founded on Kvariati-Sarpi coastline. During the tourist season various competitions are held here in underwater swimming. Special exhibitions, contests, films and videos festivals are also held which promote diving in this region.