Gudauri is the newest skiing resort in Georgia and is perfect for extreme sports. Perched in the heart of the Greater Caucasus, surrounded by a vista of dramatic peaks and breathtaking gorges, and just two hours drive from Tbilisi- Gudauri is spectacular on every level. Set high above the clouds, Gudauri’s southern facing ensures plenty of sunshine and excellent snow conditions until late April.

Gudauri's slopes are all above tree line. They are an ideal for free-riders and are generally considered avalanche-safe. This is a perfect place for intermediate to advanced skiers to test their skills. In Gudauri you truly feel on top of the world. Set at 2000 meters, just below the historic Jvari Pass - the main crossing point of the Greater Caucasus – it offers a wide range of accommodations, and summer and winter activities.

The resort also boasts some of the best Heli Skiing in the world, at some of the most affordable prices found anywhere. Throughout the season skiiers and snowboarders can choose from seven peaks all just minutes away and enjoy lengthy runs on virgin snow.

In summer the resort is surrounded by a selection of fabulous treks and horse trails, taking in some of Europe’s most unspoiled alpine scenery, stunning medieval churches and castles, and world famous bird watching. The excellent, modern and well appointed hotels offer all the facilities needed for international conferences and workshops – in an inspiring setting.

Sitting astride the newly refurbished and historic Georgian Military Highway, there can be no better launch pad than Gudauri for explorations of the Greater Caucasus, 12 months of the year.