Hiking And Camping

Discover Glorious Hiking and Legendary Hospitality in the Mountains of Poetry. Come discover a corner of Europe as glorious as the Alps yet far less known, on the this unusual hiking adventure in the Republic of Georgia. Our custom-crafted itinerary is a fabulous discovery  for international trekkers seeking a novel yet safe experience in a locale that's equally as impressive in scenery and culture. The northern Caucasus Mountains are the centerpiece of this small country, rising above 16,000 feet in a 750-mile serrated line between the Black and Caspian seas. Along this historic and geographic divide between Europe and Asia we find an ancient culture steeped in tradition. Georgia's people are as captivating as its peaks, welcoming visitors with poetry, song and hospitality that will steal your heart.

Fall in love with a remote, little-traveled trekking locale, whose traditional people are as memorable as the mountains Traverse between two distinct Caucasus regions and cultures, camping and staying in guesthouses in small villages. Explore one of the world's premier biodiversity hotspots, with Europe's most varied flora and fauna.