Information Data

Our Business Information Report Services provide a snapshot of the current situation of a company. You can request for a BIR of any company across the globe and facilitate your understanding of the business.

Business Information Report Includes

  • Comprehensive profile of the company including company history, line of business, ownership and management information, import - export details and financial information.
  • Rating of the company
  • Information on special events such as business moves, bankruptcy, merger, takeover, etc.
  • Details about parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, branches and divisions, referenced with names and Number should this be available.

Key Benefits of the Business Information Report to Your Business

  • Perform credit risk assessments of existing and potential customers/suppliers
  • Assess overall business and financial condition
  • Determine the legitimacy of international customers
  • Know about the changes that have occurred in the business
  • Benefit from ¬†rating and predictive indicators to determine the risk of delinquent payment

Designed for making medium-to-higher risk decisions, the Business Information Report can help you to critically analyse a company's operations, profitability and stability.

The recognized standard for in-depth business information and financial risk assessment helps you:

  • Make daily credit decisions
  • Limit your risk exposure
  • Determine the stability of new or existing customers
  • Plan for a sales call
  • Check backgrounds of new clients
  • Identify corporate relationships & potential conflicts of interest
  • Obtain business details for research needs
  • Keep pace with major changes that can impact business relationships
  • Evaluate potential vendors and suppliers

Use this trusted report whenever you need to:

  • Check the credit of a potential customer or partner.
  • Verify the existence of a registered business or organization.
  • Profile the size, scope and nature of a business.
  • Evaluate the experience and background of owners and key executives.
  • Limit your risk exposure when making daily business decisions.
  • Identify a company's payment patterns by line of business (as reported to D&B), so you can determine how quickly suppliers are paid in your industry - and others.
  • Instant Snapshot of a Business