Kakheti – is a one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia with it’s  main Caucasus mountain range snowy peaks, (3300-4500 m), the pass, plains, valleys and fields - and semi-desert areas. It locates  in the east of the country. Kakheti is bordered by Russia from the north, from east and south by Azerbaijan. It covers an area of ​​12.2 thousand square meter.  population is 407.2 thousand people.

Amazing to see the Caucasus in Kakheti, with steep slopes that runs on Alazani valley. Kakheti is an ancient and unique winegrowing - wine-making region in Georgia.  There are many sorts of grapes grow, and therefore, various and high-quality wines are also are produced ..

Before III-IV centuries  Zhaleti was regional center  of Kakheti and since  IVs  the centre has been  moved to Ujarma by king  Mirian. Telavi is considered  as a regional administrative  centre since XI century.

XX century Kakheti was actively involved in  struggle for the unification .  In XV century - after the collapse of  Georgia the Kingdom of Kakheti has formed. At that  time, the political and cultural center of Kakheti Kingdom was Grammys and later (after the destruction of the Grammy) it moved in Telavi.

Kakheti kingdom existed until the XIX century.