Kartli – is a Region in Eastern Georgia. Ethnic geographically kartli has been divided into to  two parts since the Hellenistic Age :upper village and lowe village. IV's  BC  Kartli region was a  Part of the Kingdom of Iberia established  IV BC. - V AD. in Eastern Georgia. In the beginning of III century BC.  Kingdom of Iberia become under control of Farnavaz  (Mtskheta elders' family members) the person of local origin.  He declared mtsketa as a capital . Kingdom of Kartli was both economically, politically and culturally powerful country. 65year Bc Kartli  was invaded by Pompey . I-II Kartli has been reinforced  again and on 30-50s of II century during of ruling of king farsman II ,it reached the peak of its power. From IV century the Christian religion has spread in Kartly. By the end of V century had started  struggle of Kartli  against   of  Iran aggression. At that time Vakhtang Gorgasali was a king of Kartli. He moved the capital from Mtskheta to Tbilisi. In the VII-IXth centuries Arabs were ruling in the region.  In the Xth century Kartli become a centre of Georgia and use to exist as a kingdom till 1801.