Rural Tours

To feel the spirit of the country you need plunge into traditional life of people. In the small villages people saved traditional lifestyle, which consists of daily homework. You can  participate, can touch to lost time home of the highlanders and not only Participate in all homely duties: hewers of wood, heat up oven, cook suluguni, Khinkali, Khachapuri, Chakapuli, Mtsvadi, Churchkhela. You can bake a bread, milk a cow, feed a livestock. And after eventful day, have a lunch with the family.  Participate in the manufacture of hats, look at how do enamels, an ancient Georgian art. Introduce with a musical of Georgia. You can visit wine caller, traditional Georgian Marani, where you will be able to get information about traditional methods of wine processing. You will see how peasants press out grapes and how they preserve wine in Kvevri (pitcher), wine makers will explain useful quality of grape juice. You will be able to participate in processing of Georgian vodka – “Chacha”.  You will have opportunity to visit family who process honey and have lots of bees. You will have opportunity to take honey yourself, also get information about several types of medicines prepared under the ancient methods. In May and June you will be able to see how they get milk of bees and taste it. The milk of bees is the best immune stimulator and is used to prepare several medicines and ointments.