SAIRME - a balneological resort, distinctive with coniferous and deciduous forests and mountain climate, but more importantly, with therapeutic, mineral-rich and thermal water deposits, located to the south of town of Kutaisi, in Baghdadi region, at 950 meters above sea level. During several decades it has been seen as a major resort zone, but to reach an acceptable level of infrastructure for tourists in Sairme is available just from Y 2011. The word Sairme means ‘a place of deers’. As per legend, deers and wild goats used to come from nearby forests to the resort. They used to assemble near mineral water sources. Hence, hunters named the place Sairme. Sairme resort is known for it's thermal waters.

As well in the resort there functions a spa center, equipped with the latest techniques .  Complex of a quite a large volume offers sanitation procedures of any kind. Guests also have the opportunity to use the polyclinic, located on the territory of the hotel 'Sairme' and serving guests for 24 hours. Therapeutic, cardiology, urological services are available in the clinic. The clinic is equipped with modern laboratory, dental cabinets, and ultrasound. In Sairme there are also arranged comfortable biuvets  for mineral water, upgraded power supplies, cafe - bar and market building, the well-equipped garden, 28km of new road connecting Baghdadi and Sairme, the renewed resort internal roads,  modern resort services and etc.