Senior Tours

Many people dream of traveling after they retire, and Go 2 Georgia Travel  & Tours are eager to make those dreams happen.

One of the biggest financial advantages you have as a senior traveler is free time, you have the freedom to make trips at off-peak times, which can result in significant savings. Not only can you avoid crowds, you can also have a more relaxed, intimate and authentic encounter with the people and places you’re visiting.

Many senior tour travelers enjoy being part of a group with a group leader, guide or escort. A large group of seniors will often times take a bus tour which usually holds 40 persons, plus the escort. You may prefer a senior tour with group sizes ranging from 14 to 20 passengers.  small senior tours cost more but the cost is offset by greater intimacy, more personal oversight by the escort and you will have the ability to go destinations and enjoy travel experiences that are not available to larger senior tour groups.

The advantage that all senior tours offers is that all of the sightseeing, lodging, and most of the dining arrangements are taken care of in advance.  This is even true of independent senior travel where much of the vacation is taken care of, except the senior traveler may have a rental car as part of the package and will have access to a local host in certain cities.

In conclusion we can offer activity vacations.  While this type of vacation may not fall within the definition of senior travel, they are popular with many seniors including 80 year old seniors.  These tours are much more active than the typical senior tour as they include walking, hiking, or cycling.  Accommodations may be more rustic and the tour areas more remote.   Sailing may also be included.

Have a nice rest!