Ukraine is a country worth seeing and visiting over and over.  See UNESCO listed Lviv centre, Residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitans in Chernivtsi, Saint-Sophia Cathedral and Pechersk Lavra in Kiev; Hike in Carpathian Mountains around Rakhiv. Conquer 2,061m Hoverla, part of the Chornohora mountain range; Kayak down Dniester and admire Kamianets-Podilskyi and Khotyn castles;Chill out on Crimea beaches in summer.

Ukrainian cuisine is quite tasty, but just as other cuisines in the region uses a lot of fat ingredients, especially in the festive dishes. Traditional local food includes "salo" (salted lard) and soups like "borshch" made of red beets or "solianka" which is a delicious meat soup. The first, salo, is perhaps something you might not make yourself try - however is a delicious side dish, as for the soups being a must-have dish. The Ukrainian specialty is horilka (the local name for vodka) with pepper. Other kinds of vodka are also quite popular - linden (tilia), honey, birch, wheat.

Travelers have many choices of attractions and destinations to explore such as castles, palaces, ancient cathedrals, and stunningly beautiful national parks and reserves. Castles have their special place in Ukrainian history with such international favorites as the majestic Lviv High Castle, Olyka Castle, and Bakhchisaray Palace, which served at core of the political and spiritual life of the Crimean Tartar people. Kiev, which is considered to be the religious hub of Ukraine, is home to many churches, monasteries and theological attractions. St George Cathedral is home to the Icon of the Virgin; Uzhgorod Synagogue displays its ornate architecture; and St. Sophia’s Cathedral serves as the oldest and most beautiful cathedral in Ukraine. For those who enjoy cultural attractions, Ukraine has some of the finest acting troupes in Europe. With its world-class theatrical and performing arts centers, the cities offer numerous venues to enjoy original Ukrainian productions. High on our list of must-see theatres include the Live Drama Theatre in Podol and the Tara Shevchenko National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Ukraine also has a number of outdoor attractions for visitors of every age. The Kiev Zoo, the Botanical Gardens in Kiev, and the Odessa Catacombs are all favorites of locals and visitors alike. To read about more attractions see our section about local sites.