Wine & Gourmet Tours

Why Georgians are so hospitable and generous people...The answer is quite simple: the famous Georgian hospitality dates back to the early Iron Age, the period when they started to make wine. The development of viniculture spread the home atmosphere through the whole country, which is present till today. In each Georgian family the guest won’t leave home without tasting a glass of homemade wine and listening to couple of toasts by “Tamada”-Georgian toastmaster.

This tour is envisaged for persons, who have a special attitude towards wine, are able to appreciate it and are willing to see how wine was and still is made in its homeland.

We want to show you from the ground up process of making wine.  Head off, over bumpy back roads to smell the aromatic grapes laden vineyards.  See what's going on in the cultivating of these vines, the planting of the rootstock to the trellising of the canes.

We'll journey to the smaller boutique type wineries, staying away from the high traveled wineries.  There's lots of tasting of exciting new releases on our adventures.  We give you a well rounded taste of all different types and styles of wines.  You will taste the national cuisine, get pleasure from the amazing nature and certainly - magnificent monuments of architecture.